Jay Morrison's one-on-one private coaching puts a mastermind in your corner and a winner on your team! It's quite simple, if approved for this exclusive opportunity, you will get direct access to Jay Morrison himself, and his professional team of coaches who will take you to the next level of real estate investing. You will learn to delegate,  systemize, & automate your small to mid size business, and create a prominent local, regional or national brand for yourself!

Jay will coach you through these processes using the same techniques, strategies and systems he has used over the last ten years building a national, multi-million dollar brand. You can continue to play the guessing game, or cut your learning curve and increase revenue by getting one-on-one coaching from a proven entrepreneurial success.

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Do you have over $50,000 of accessible liquid capital or equivalent value in the equity of your real estate assets and can't figure out what to do next?!

Do you currently have a thriving real estate investment business and growing portfolio and desire to take it to the next level?!

Do you currently own inherited property, distressed property or real estate inventory you'd like to liquidate?!

Through our vast experience and national network we can advise on or partner in a verity of real estate based projects.

At Jay Morrison Real Estate Partners, we provide a Streamline Asset Management and Acquisition program to equip more Mid-to- High Profile Clienteles with the essentials required to invest in the GREATEST ASSET OF THE WORLD, REAL ESTATE! 

We purposely take the fear out of investing in Real Estate with strategic partners and alliances to provide and manage valuable income producing assets in each clients' portfolio. We find, fix, and manage each asset and provide monthly, quarterly, and annually financial reports to each client on an ongoing basis.

If one or more of the following scenarios fit your profile you might be a strong candidate for our consulting services or a strategic partnership:



Cant seem to find a buyer? Sell your contracted property fast by partnering with us. Our national list of liquid cash buyers will make this process seamless.

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JMREP looks forward to building with all Real Estate Investors and industry professionals across the globe. If you provide a service to Real Estate and would like to be apart of JMREP's National preferred vendors list submit your info today!


Become a part of JMREP's National Buyers List, and receive exclusive access to national inventory. We provide a platform for all residential and commercial buyers that connects each investor with the inventory that fits his/her criteria. 

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Do you have real estate you would like to sell, and want national exposure for a quick sale? JMREP provides the ultimate sellers platform, our national list of liquid cash buyers will make this process seamless.

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