The JAY MORRISON ACADEMY is for the aspiring entrepreneur, who is looking for an actual blueprint to make money in real estate.  My team and I have created a vehicle for people who are coachable and hungry to improve themselves and learn the cornerstone of wealth in America.


If you are looking for expert advise or a strategic partner to help you with your real estate investment business or leveraging your assets, my team is available for a free strategy session and to discuss viable opportunities with Jay "Mr. Real Estate" Morrison.


Despite facing the formidable challenges of a troubled childhood, no formal business experience or college education, I have beat the odds through ambition and determination. My story and experience have formulated a passion for serving the community, and creating global change through outreach, public speaking and community engagement. 


Need a mastermind in your corner? Get direct access to JAY MORRISON and his professional team to coach you to the next level of real estate investing, building your small to mid size business and on how to create a prominent local, regional or national brand for yourself!