At Jay Morrison Real Estate Partners, we provide a Streamline Asset Management and Acquisition program to equip more Mid-to- High Profile Clienteles with the essentials required to invest in the GREATEST ASSET OF THE WORLD, REAL ESTATE! 

We purposely take the fear out of investing in Real Estate with strategic partners and alliances to provide and manage valuable income producing assets in each clients' portfolio. We find, fix, and manage each asset and provide monthly, quarterly, and annually financial reports to each client on an ongoing basis.

If one or more of the following scenarios fit your profile you might be a strong candidate for our consulting services or a strategic partnership:

Do you have over $50,000 of accessible liquid capital or equivalent value in the equity of your real estate assets and can't figure out what to do next?!

Do you currently have a thriving real estate investment business and growing portfolio and desire to take it to the next level?!

Do you currently own inherited property, distressed property or real estate inventory you'd like to liquidate?!

Through our vast experience and national network we can advise on or partner in a verity of real estate based projects.


Zoned Residential
Zoned Mixed Use
Zoned Commercial
Zoned Industrial
Zoned Agricultural

1-4 Units
Probate Sales
REO Tapes (Bulk Inventory)
Approved Short Sales

5-20 Unites
20-50 Units
50-100 Unites
100+ Units

Mixed Use Buildings
Strip Malls
New Developments

Off Market Inventory Only

I invested $25,000 and in less than a year I had greater than 15% return on investment which was breath taking.

Need funding for your next real estate deal?

If one or more of the following scenarios fit your profile you might be a strong candidate for our funding program:

  • Are you a investor with more deals on your hands than you can handle?
  • Are you a investor with not enough purchase power?
  • Are you a first time home owner looking to get your second property?
  • Are you a wholesaler looking for funding for your buyers to qualify?

If any of these apply please fill out the form to be contacted by a representative about funding options. 

Summary of Terms


States Funded: PA, NY, NJ, DE, DC, MA, MD, VA, FL, CT, CA, RI

Property Types: 1­4 residential units (including condos and townhouses)

  • 65% of ARV or 80% of the Project Cost, Whichever is Less. 
  • Up to $5,000,000 
  • Rates from 8­%-14% 
  • No Upfront Fee 
  • No Pre-­Payment Penalty 
  • No Minimum Credit Score 
  • Fixed, Interest Only Monthly Payments 
  • Reliable 
  • Quick Closings (Same day pre­-approvals and closing within 7 business days of appraisal order). 
  • Foreign Nationals OK

We Fund Refi’s Too! Up to 70% LTV



States Funded: AZ, CA, CO, GA, MI, NV, NC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WV

Property Types: 1­4 residential units (including condos and townhouses)

  • Loan Amounts Up to $1,000,000 ($50,000 minimum) 
  • Rates as low as 7% (varies based on loan-­to-­value and experience) 
  • Up to 90% Purchase 
  • 100% Rehab Funding 
  • No Junk Fees 
  • No Upfront Fees 
  • Loan Term: 6 or 12 months 
  • Fixed, Interest Only Monthly Payments 
  • Quickly close in 7 business days (5 days Subsequent)
  • No Prepayment Penalty
  • Refi’s starting at 5%, Up to 5 years